Sick rp Starters 

  •  "Hey there, Rudolph."
  •  "I'm pretty sure tissues exist so you won't sneeze on me."
  •  "Ugh! Cover your mouth!"
  •  "You sound awful, you know that?"
  •  "And you've been like this how long?"
  •  "You really can't take care of yourself, can you?"
  •  "Oh, gross! I better not get sick!"
  •  "What are you doing here? You should be in bed."
  •  "You're kind of adorable when you're sick. You know, in a pathetic way."
  •  "Stop it! You're getting your germs everywhere!"
  •  "I'm taking care of you, and that's final."
  •  "I don't care if I get sick. I just want to help you get better."
  •  "Did you sleep last night?"
  •  "You've been coughing an awful lot. You okay?"
  •  "Jesus! That the tenth time you've sneezed on me today! What is your problem?"
  •  "Did you just throw up?"
  •  "Do you need more blankets?"
  •  "Is it too hot or too cold?"
  •  "Hmmm, you definitely have a fever."
  •  "I think it's bedtime for you."
  •  "You have to take the medicine, or you won't get better!"
  •  "Hey, you alright? You look pale."
  •  "Here, just take the whole box of tissues."
  •  "Gosh, you must be really sick..."

Jealous messages 

  •  "Did you have fun with you-know-who last night?"
  •  "I guess my company doesn't interest you any more."
  •  "What do you see in that guy/girl?"
  •  "(S)he's kind of hot... you think?"
  •  "Is he bigger than me?"
  •  "When's the wedding?"
  •  "I heard you and ___ are an item."
  •  "Is there... someone else?"
  •  "I never agreed to an open relationship!"
  •  "Does she do that thing that I do for you?"
  •  "I see you'll flirt with just about anyone."
  •  "I'm a fool for thinking I was special to you."
  •  "How serious is it between you two?"
  •  "You've been spending a lot of time with ___ recently."
  •  "So you tell all girls/guys that, I see."
  •  "So that's your type, huh?"
  •  "Who's better in bed, me or him/her?"
  •  "I can't bear to see you with someone else."
  •  "You're just a slut."
  •  "Just curious... not like I'm jealous or anything..."

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Death Memes -- Send me one for my muses reaction 

  •  "You can't die! Not yet..."
  •  "I can't live without you."
  •  "Hey-- say something!"
  •  "This is a joke right? You aren't really dead. It isn't possible."
  •  "You still have so much to live for."
  •  "Keep breathing! Focus on breathing!"
  •  "I can't do it. I can't lose you, too!"
  •  "It's my fault that this happened to you."
  •  "It could have been anyone... Why you?"
  •  "You have family waiting for you to return-- why did it have to be you?"
  •  "Why couldn't it have been me, instead?"
  •  "It was my job to protect you. I failed you."
  •  "You must live on. You cannot die."
  •  "I will avenge you!"
  •  "If only I was stronger-- I could have protected you."
  •  "Maybe death isn't as scary as people say."
  •  "Death is beautiful."
  •  "I'm sorry. For being so weak."
  •  "I'll die if it means protecting you."
  •  "I'm afraid. But I'll do anything to protect you."
  •  "I saved you. Now-- Shut up and make the best of it."
  •  "I'm going to die either way. Hurry and leave!"
  •  "Never forget me."
  •  "You're worth dying for."

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florence & the machine starters 

  •  "There is no way out."
  •  "I never wanted anything from you."
  •  "I like to keep to myself, thank you."
  •  "I was dead when I woke up this morning."
  •  "My heart is hollow now."
  •  "They're coming to get you."
  •  "There's a drumming noise inside my head."
  •  "Tell me what you want me to say."
  •  "Leave all your love behind and run."
  •  "There's no light in your eyes."
  •  "I'l be dead before the day is done."
  •  "It's over. And I'm going under."
  •  "It's peaceful in the deep. No need to pray, no need to speak."
  •  "I found the devil in me looking for heaven."
  •  "A kiss with a fist is better than none."
  •  "You are the space in my bed."
  •  "If you're gone, I will not belong here."
  •  "I was just looking for a breath of life."
  •  "I can stay in the dark if you need me to."
  •  "I don't want your money. I don't want your crown. I've come to burn your kingdom down."
  •  "Whose side are you on?"
  •  "Sooner or later, you love the things you lose."
  •  "Would you leave me if I told you what I've done?"
  •  "Never let me go."
  •  "All your love will be exorcised."
  •  "I can hear your heart beat."
  •  "What has been done can not be undone."
  •  "You left me in the dark. What was I supposed to do?"
  •  "I'm damned if I do, and I'm damned if I don't."
  •  "You'll carry it with you if you want to survive.'
  •  "A thousand armies couldn't keep me out."
  •  "The room was so quiet..."
  •  "Things go wrong no matter what I do!"
  •  "You were a falling star, and I caught you."
  •  "You're my head, you're my heart."
  •  "Though the pressure's hard to take, it's the only way I can escape."
  •  "It's hard to dance with the devil on your back."
  •  "You don't have to be afraid anymore."
  •  "They're in my head. They won't shut up."
  •  "I never knew daylight could be so violent."
  •  "What's the point in living?"
  •  "They were there when I woke up this morning."
  •  "I know I can count on you."
  •  "Sometimes I just feel like saying I don't care."
  •  "I'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart."
  •  "I started to hear it again.."
  •  "I can't leave the past behind."
  •  "You've got the love I need."
  •  "The dog days are over."
  •  "You can't choose what fades away and what stays."
  •  "Life is just too much."
  •  "I was looking to get a dream of life again."
  •  "I'm not giving up. I'm just giving in."



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I am a Hong Konger, and we hold a pro-democracy protest to fight for the freedom we deserved. However, Hong Kong Police uses violence including tear gas and GUN to stop us, even though we did it in a peaceful way. Lots of people got hurt, INCLUDING THE ELDERLY AND TEENAGERS.


It doesnt matter if you are a Hong Konger or not.  If you support us to fight for our freedom. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO.  

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  and for the first time 
       in my life 
          i don’t feel so
                {   A L O N E   }

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"Are you breaking up with me?"
"Are you having nightmares again?"
"Anything you want to say?"
"Apparently, I need to grow a mustache."
"Balloons? Really?"
"Be quiet!"
"But what if we get caught?"
"Can you not?"
"Care to tell me what’s going on?"
"Come find me."
"Did you even…


To be honest, I still tell myself that Kid Flash didn’t really die at the end of Young Justice.

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